Monday, 17 September 2012

Adjusting to Kindergarten

My sweet little girl started Kindergarten last week.  After a morning orientation with me Sierra was declared introduced and ready for her two full days a week.  Fortunately she went to pre-school last year, which took place two afternoons a week, so the shock wasn't too bad - for either of us! (last year I bawled as I drove away, this year not a tear or even a lump in my throat)
The first day was rather strange for Sawyer and me.  Sierra's been my sidekick, and later Sawyer's, for a total of five years.  Since I worked one of the days she went to preschool I only ever had one afternoon a week without her last year.  Sawyer napped while I either joined him in that endeavor or exercised.  All my errands and activities still included Sierra.  This past Monday Sawyer and I went to visit a friend, then got groceries, and had a couple of hours during the afternoon where he played in peace and I made meatballs for supper. It was quiet.  I won't normally have Mondays off work so I cherished it.

The second full day, well, was just strange.  Sawyer was bawling and clinging to me the entire time I got Sierra ready for school.  We had to leave a bit earlier because I had Sierra all psyched up to take the bus, promising to meet her at school.  We walked to the pick-up spot, waited with a few other kids - one of which was a known neighbour girl - and along chugged the large orange school bus.  It hissed to a stop, the doors of the great big bus opened, the other kids climbed on....and Sierra was dissolving into tears.  
Bus-driver Bob, with his scruffy face and gruff voice tried to encourage her but it was all just too much for my little girl.

So I drove her myself.

As much as I want her to take the bus for convenience sake, it's quite all right that she refused that morning.  Sierra-bear is growing up way to fast as it is and this mama might not have been able to handle it had she just marched her way onto that bus.   It may have to be a gradual process. 

As for my poor bawling Sawyer?  He fell asleep in the van on the way home from the school.  He then refused to sleep in his crib but snuggled right in next to me in our bed.  He's still there.  Little guy is just exhausted from the busyness of the past bunch of days.

I  had over an hour of silence in my house, wondering what the heck to do with myself!  I did my Bible study readings, then began this blog post. I also managed to put away clean laundry that had been in the baskets for a week.

Now it is Monday.  Sierra, Sawyer and I walked to the school bus stop again with the intent of at least getting on the bus and looking around.  We did just that and Bus-driver Bob said I could ride along and he would just take me home later.  (Small towns are great!)  So that is what we did.  For the first time in my life I rode a bus to school!  I don't believe I missed out as a kid.  It was an experience and I'm glad not a long one.

I will pick her up today and plan to ride along again on Wednesday, and maybe have her ride home alone?  It's not like she's ever left to her own devices.  Both ways there is always someone to get her one the bus and meet her right after getting off.  I guess we'll see.  I won't force anything too strongly.

It's kind of nice to be just two of us at home today.  We're both sick with lousy, no good, colds and naturally feeling under the weather.  There will be more TV than usual, more sitting than usual, and more soother and blanky for Sawyer than usual.  Only one kid around is definitely easier and more laid back than two!


Tammie said...

one kid is SO much easier. whenever i go anywhere with just lucy im amazed how there is no arguing/fighting/complaining.

and how cool is it that the busdriver let you ride the bus?!?! totally awesome.

Carla Ens said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe he offered that. Then to take me home!

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