Monday, 1 October 2012

31 Days

For the third year in a row I've become a sucker for punishment a challenge and signed up for something called NaBloWriMo.  In short, write a post every day for the month of October.


I've recently reentered the blogging world after a deviation from truly expressing myself in my writing.  This gradually resulted in a noticeable lack of blogging.   I've come back to me and writing the way I want to and used to, so I think getting back into it on a daily basis is just what I need!

I know this is a totally lame first day post but after working all day Saturday my wonderful husband whisked me away on an overnight mountain getaway - without kids - as my birthday present (which was last week).  Upon returning Sunday, we all had supper together and then did a little cake ceremony - complete with candles and singing.  My actual birthday was insanely busy with what we call our life so we'd not had the chance to ''properly'" celebrate.  My five year old daughter believes birthdays must have a cake and candles and singing to effectively qualify as having been celebrated.

Then it was the usual pack up, get home, unpack, do the bedtime thing, prepare for the week ahead which left little time for a fantastic October 1st blog post.  Which, by the way, is actually being written on Sunday night as I know Monday does not contain a spare minute.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure - we'll see how I do!


Tammie said...

yay carla! we can do this.

Rae Wright said...

welcome back to the blogging world and together we can all do this. I am happy to be following you and really look forward to your writings.
I was a lot like you being what others want me to be. Guess what darling? No more we are in this together, we can be who are together truly who are. Screw everyone else!!

Azara said...

Wow, I could have written the first part of your post. I'm starting over as well and it's a little disorienting. Good luck!

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