Thursday, 25 October 2012

Why Do I Bother?

House parties for this, that, and the other thing are all over the place these days.  Tupperware, Lia Sopia, Stella and Dot, Scentsy, Epicure, Party Lite... One could go every night for a month and not repeat a company once!

I've been to a fair number of these parties hosted by friends and even purchased stuff.  As sort of a favour I agreed to host two different parties, one I only gave a half-hearted attempt at but the other I actually tried.  You know - for all the parties I have supported and gone to you'd think I'd get a little support?  Nope.  I am quite upset at the whole principal behind it.  I might be able to squeeze out the minimum but even that isn't looking very likely at this point.
I know none of us is rich and able to spend money on more frivolous items but when I also see what they  do spend their money on it annoys me that they can't support me a little.  
Anyway, I must get over it and respect their financial decisions.  But after this experience I. Am. Done. with these kinds of parties.  D.O.N.E.  I'm not going or hosting.



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