Friday, 2 November 2012


It's Friday.
After two weeks of being back into work-out mode and managing three workouts each week I am realizing that I totally failed this week.  Nothing went as planned this week and by the time the kids were in bed each night I was about as enthusiastic about exercise as cleaning toilets.

have managed to keep my calorie count within reasonable parameters so I suppose that's half the battle.  OK well, actually according to statistics eating properly is 80% of the battle of a healthy weight.  Exercise just feels so much more productive.

I was aimlessly surfing facebook this morning, as I usually do while waiting for my morning coffee to do it's magic, when I came across a post by a former manager I worked under.  He has proudly put up a link here that features his wife as amateur female body builder of the week.  
She is 47.  
Check out the pictures if nothing else.

(I saw her in person at the end of April at a work-related conference and although she has a body to die for she did look a little manly, probably my jealously speaking here... then again, to be in that kind of shape at her age?)

I'm waffling between feelings of complete despair thinking that will be utterly impossible,
 (like, it'll be the day it reaches 30 degrees Celsius here in January before I attain that)
to feelings of hope that hey, I still got time, I'm only 35!
I can't fathom eating the way she does.  Working out - yes, aside from wondering where the time comes from.  But eating....  I know that after awhile your palate changes and a person learns to love what they eat and not 'need' the other flavours.  I enjoy healthy food but to eat over a dozen egg whites a day.....?  I don't actually think it's what she eats it what she doesn't eat.  I feel like I need an indulgence now and then - and a glass of wine!
How about eating out?  Or going to people's houses?  I realize her diet is likely uber strict for training purposes but how would one translate that into something more 'every day'?  
Maybe I don't want what she has bad enough.  Maybe it's a lot to do with my phase in life having little kids?  Or a husband who has zero interest in that kind of thing?  Who knows?!

It does have me thinking, though, as I am currently striving to shed about sixish more pounds.  Gradually of course.

Now excuse me while I go raid my kids Halloween candy!


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