Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Random Mind Spewings

Last weekend we were once again plunged into a deep freeze and inundated with snow.  Today it is sunny and warm and all melting.  Oh, and windy.  Can't forget the pesky wind.  If it's warm at this time of year its windy.  As in 60mph winds.  Bah!  Seriously, I much prefer cold and snow over wind.  Wind is noisy, and annoying and makes me cranky.  Snow is peaceful, and pretty.

We officially removed Sawyer's crib and change table from his room on Monday.
To quote Sawyer, "By bed!"
Remarkably there was no sadness or hard lump in my throat.  I have enjoyed pretty much each stage my kids have been at and I don't really long to go back because they keep getting better!
After Sawyer pooped in his diaper this morning for the first time in months so I have decided it's now time to night train him.   We DO NOT want to go backwards.  I'm lazy many morning so he stays in his diaper far too long.  Besides, we're almost out of diapers.

Cold number 3 in two months has plagued our household. 
(Cue whimpering) 
Sorry, I had to get that out.
I'd worry but I know at least three other families in the same situation and it is just a cold.  
But boy is it a mean one.
With two of my fellow employees going on maternity leave in January I am learning the eyeglass frame buying aspect of the industry.  Reps from the various manufacturers come and showcase their product and I get to help choose what frames to buy to sell to our patients.  How fun!
I'm starting to dream a little bit again.  
I pretty much stopped allowing my mind to wander beyond reality this past May when I had to accept certain facts regarding our life that I was turning a blind eye to.  I had lived so long with a particular focus and hope and when I let go of that I had nothing else.  I had clung to what I thought was God's plan for our life for too long and let it infiltrate every aspect of our lives so without it....
I've been at peace about the closed doors but haven't allowed myself to move forward with other hopes.
There is caution but once again there are dreams.
 As the joy of Christmas is surfacing and brimming with the season officially around the corner, my mood is lifting.  (it also helps that I'm getting sleep!)
I'm thinking of decorating, gift buying, parties, and good times.


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