Sunday, 13 January 2013

And Life Goes On

I dreamed of warm holiday this winter.  A place with a beach, a pool, heat and sun.  A place for our little family to just be together and connect as a foursome and recharge.  A place to get away from the snow and cold and wind and craziness of here that is our life.

Alas, the finances say no.  I took on an extra day of work per week to try and accomplish this venture, but that promise of more hours was suddenly changed to 'as the business needed'.  We also bought a different, newer car.  We paid off Trevor's student loan. (Yay!!)  Christmas happened.  A holiday turns out to be more expensive that I anticipated.

Yes, I am a bit bummed.  I can do without "things" but my heart really desires traveling - and a break!  I so enjoy the stages my kids are at and I want to spend meaningful time with them with few other distractions.  Fortunately kids aren't too picky so we will try and plan a weekend away somewhere else, not nearly so warm, for that connect time.   Maybe West Edmonton Mall.   It's not the same but it's still something.  
I'll dream again next year!


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