Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Going Down!

In three weeks I am down 3.5 pounds.  
At first I looked at that number I thought, "Pffft, what's 3.5 pounds?"  
And especially: "What's with the .5?"
Then I open the fridge and observe the size of a one pound brick of butter and see that 3.5 pounds is more than it may sound and I feel better.

Overall I do feel better.  I'm back at my slightly-heavier-than-I-wanted-to-be-but-holding-steady pre-Christmas weight.  My clothes fit and that is so crucial to feeling good.
I believe that now is where it gets harder and where I have to be conscientious about everything I do and eat.  For the first two weeks I was extremely good in all areas and lost the first three pounds.   Last week my workout schedule was a little on the easier side (the recovery week of the Insanity program) and I ate an entire 200g bag of Lays BBQ chips by myself (over three days) as well as a chocolate here and a chocolate there.....nearly every day, so I only lost 0.5 pounds.  At least the number still went down!

I will still allow myself and indulgence here and there but seriously, a whole bag of chips?  I can't do that again!

My workouts are now kicked up a major notch and my eating will go back into being mostly controlled.  I say mostly because hey, one has to still live a real life - right?

I'm not sure if I said but my overall goal is a total of 11.4 pounds this time around.  Five more than last year.  I want to see if I can do it.  Reasonably, without starving or working out to death.  The possibility of having more kids will officially be dealt with in February so I might as well get my body back to its best.  (as any mom knows, it is next to impossible to get it totally back)

The biggest learning curve?  Learning that I don't have to 'feel' completely full every time I eat; it's okay to feel a little but hungry.  I keep track of my calorie intake to I ensure that I don't go extreme in either direction.  I often feel hunger but I have a bad habit of giving in to every little 'pang' which leads to excess eating.  I snack but try to do so on healthy, lower calorie options.  I know that not all calories are equal either.  The 1000+ calories the chips provided me with were pretty much nutritionally useless. (they sure tasted good though! :)  So I use the calorie counting strategy with some of my own built-in leeway.

This is hard.  I think about it every day.  I remember feeling the same last year when I did this.  It is so much easier to not have eating and exercise forefront in my mind.  But when I did let myself relax for a few months I reverted back to where I worked so hard to not be.


Onward (and downward)  I go!


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