Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Bad

This week has sucked, and it's only half over. 
Here comes the vent session.
Read on if you don't mind a bit of wining, don't if you do!

1. I have two co-workers who hate each other and the situation has escalated.  They are being petty and immature and affecting the rest of us and they seriously need to GROW UP!!!!   I, on the other-hand, don't mind either of them.

2. I gained a pound this week.  I'm hoping it's just water or my time of the month but considering what I've been eating the chances are that it's plain old fat.

3. I'm feeling really down on myself.  Sort of.  Actually I'm struggling with the idea of "serving".  We are called as Christians to serve and help others and my heart just isn't feeling it. 
There are certain people in my life who take it upon themselves to try and fix the world.  Well, okay, maybe not that extreme but they feel it their duty to help everyone they perceive to be in need.  If they feel the responsibility then we all 'need' to join in.  Quite simply put: I don't have a servant heart for the sorts of situations they are taking upon themselves to solve.  I'm not talking about people starving or homeless or experiencing devastation of some sort.  Much simpler, first world problems that if I get into I'm just going to sound like an insensitive b@*#$.   I was raised with a "suck it up and get over it/on with it" attitude and I've been forced (in a sense) to live like that.  When Trevor was going through his RA initially I was essentially single parenting with a depressed husband and no one bought me meals, or cleaned my house, or watched my kids so I could get errands done or have a break.  Nope.  I did it all with my kids.  So I have trouble seeing why mom's can't go to a doctor or buy groceries with their kids.
  It's not like I don't have compassion or feel for the mom with three month old twins and a two-and-a-half year old and is sleep deprived....I do.   I dunno what exactly I'm saying or feeling.  I'm going to end up talking in circles.  The point is:  I struggling with the notion of "serving" and how it looks for me.

4.  Sierra has complained about riding the bus.  Again. No good reason.

5.  NHL hockey has started again.  Our life revolves around it, again.

6.  It is very cold and miserable out.

7. Sawyer has another cold and his coughing ensured a 6:30 A.M. wake up today.  (I'm not too happy when I'm forced from my slumber before 7.)

8. I don't think I've had a comment on this blog since, oh, October?  I know you're out there!

9. On the up-side:  we booked a five day getaway to the Okanagan Valley with some great friends for June.  There will be lots of wine.  And no kids!


Me said...

I read! I'm just a very sporadic comment leaver (that sounds like bad grammer). I can certainly relate to a bunch of the things on your list - if it helps to know you are not alone? Miss you.

Me said...

Me = Sheri :)

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