Monday, 7 January 2013

The Christmas Post

Christmas was very good this year.
We had snow, glorious snow coupled with cold, frigid cold.  Like highs of -20 degrees Celsius cold.
It was perfect!
Yeah, I'm weird that way.

I worked on the 24th, until 12:30.  We (Trevor, me and the kids) went to church at 2:30 followed by my Oma's place.  
Gifts were immediately dug into and ripped open with the excitement only kids can bring.  Then we feasted on Chinese food and took our kids home to bed while the other went to a different church service.  Just after 8P.M. my family joined us at our house for more wine and games.

Christmas morning, although it still began at 7A.M. (I was as bad as Sierra and couldn't go back to sleep once I woke up!) was quite relaxed.  All the gifts were a success, my baked French toast was enjoyed by Trevor and myself as the kids were too into their new treasures!   We made our way to my parents around 11A.M. for another rounds of presents, turkey dinner and then naps.  

My mom, sister, and I braved the crowds of Boxing Day to do some shopping and scored a few good deals.   Otherwise we stayed home and assembled new toys and tidied up. 

The kids got sleep, were well behaved and spoiled royally!  The adults were also in fantastic moods and we all had fun.

The craziness that often accompanies Christmas actually began the 27th with a dinner party I hosted, guests from out of town and New Years.  It finally ended yesterday and now we're laying low and trying to prevent Sawyer's cold from developing into anything too serious.

It's hard to believe another Christmas has passed so quickly but I find myself excited to be in 2013.


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