Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Weekend Away

Despite an ominous day leading up to it we ended up having a fun weekend away in the great U.S. of A.

Sawyer wasn't exactly well but he wasn't completely down and out either.  He threw up a bit of liquid first thing Saturday but then ravenously ate fruit loops and soda crackers and drank juice during the first two hours of driving.  We assumed we were in the clear.

Yes, the word 'assumed' is the key word.  At the gas station in Shelby, Montana while we were pondering the beverage options Sawyer burped.  This burp produced an impressive amount of juice which spewed all over the floor and himself.  He looked more surprised than anyone as we all stood dumbly for a good minute.

"Clean up in aisle...."  yeah that was us. 

Thankfully that was our only mishap.  Sawyer was extremely whiny and annoying on Saturday and kept asking if we could go to his home but we managed to distract him enough to maintain sanity.  

We shopped and swam and ate out.  My mom and dad were with us and we connected as  family and enjoyed minimal responsibility.  I didn't have to cook or clean.  It was great.  No one wanted to go home!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Tummy Trouble

My poor little dude was woken up yesterday evening, after sleeping for an hour and a half, by the expelling of his stomach contents.  All over his bed and self.  There was confused crying.

I bathed him while Trevor dealt with the bedding.  All was cleaned up and Sawyer was tucked back in.  Laundry was started.
  An hour later we heard the pitter-patter of little feet in the kitchen (we were watching TV in the basement).  Sawyer had more vomit adorning his face and pajamas and he was getting himself a drink.

Clean-up number 2 took place.  Towels were placed on the bed this time as we were on the last sheet.

Just before we went to bed there was a tiny bit of up-chuck (how many words for puke can I come up with?)  on his pillow and pj top.  I changed his top while he slept and then I tried to go to bed.  I lay awake and jumped at every noise for over an hour.  Around three I heard a gag and jumped up to check - it was noise only.  Thank goodness!   At 6 he got up because his pull-up was soaked (very unusual but being sick....)  Then he slept until 8:30. 
  I HATE puke!  As soon as the mere word or reference to it is mentioned I instantly feel like I'm sick.  I can deal with poop no problem but hurl?  Blech.   Trevor is the opposite, which is great when he's not at work. Sawyer spewed everything up he tried to ingest until about 2:30 when I quit giving him ginger ale and switched to fruit juice, apparently the carbonation wasn't a good thing.  Now he's just a very tired little boy.

We are desperately hoping it was a reaction to some old Alpha-ghetti the kids had for supper - Sawyer ate the most and is the youngest so his tummy is the most sensitive.  Right?  Sierra has been perfectly fine but didn't eat as much of it.  She told the noodles did smell a bit funny...  You see, we're off to Great Falls, Montana for a little long-weekend away and if this travels throughout the rest of the family.....
So I cling to the bad Alpha-ghetti theory and hope we can have the fun weekend we've been anticipating.  I laundered everything, kept Sierra away as much as possible, and washed my hands every 2.2 seconds, and disinfected the bathroom several times.  

Here's hoping!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


My goodness is February marching on with incredible swiftness! I've been working at this post for a week and can't seem to get it the 'publish' stage! Let's try this time.

After my horrid week ended another one began ( the same work drama continued - gah!) and then another one and on it goes.  Try as I might to not get involved or let it get to me both are inevitable.    Everyone in the office is gossiping and nattering and complaining about it  - and about everything else now too - and the overall morale is doing a steady decline.  Not fun.   I'm just waiting for some big blow up or catastrophe to occur.  Maybe that would be a good thing because then we can rebuild.  I don't know.  It's hard.  I'm so glad I only work part-time.
At least I get to concentrate on the frame buying and all that it entails; it's fun! 

Onward to the rest of my life:

I lost another overall pound as of last week, this week I remain stable.  I'm not surprised since food as tasted too good the past week!  I am constantly reminded how much work it is to eat healthy and exercise.  It's totally worth it for me though.  I'm almost through the Insanity program again and need to decide what to do next - any advice?

 My kids have mostly been awesome. 

Next week is spring break number one so I won't have to deal with Sierra whining about not wanting to go to school.  She likes kindergarten she just doesn't like the bus or being away from me.  I've lost all sympathy at this point because the constant whining and tears are incredibly annoying - suck it up princess!  Oh I'm such a nice mom sometimes.

  We had a few days of windless, gorgeous 'warm' weather last week which rudely hinted at promising spring.  I say rudely because around here we know it will be at least May before consistently nice weather arrives.  But we had some wonderful outside time with the kids, oh how they ran.  And ran and ran and ran.  You'd think they've been cooped up with winter and all.

It's scaring me how fast the weeks are going - my baby is turning 3!!!! - but with fun stuff to look forward in the coming months I think I'm okay with it.  He's is so much fun!

We are headed to Montana this weekend for some shopping and 'away' time.  The main reason for the trip was to buy tires for our van and they are $300 less south of the 49th, so we decided to use our savings on a hotel and eating out and not being at home.  We need some time to just have fun with a little break from the norm.

Overall life is pretty good.  So far we've avoided the most recent onslaught of germs and remain cold/sick free.  (knock-on-wood 'cause I feel like they're trying to get me)