Wednesday, 3 April 2013

On Blogging and Me

Started last week: I'm sitting on my couch, my kids being entertained by their out-of-town grandparents, waiting for some dinner-roll dough to rise, and my thoughts are spinning.  I'm thinking about a post I recently read about how the author got into blogging for pay.  I would love to get paid to write.  Like a trillion other people I enjoy putting thoughts and ideas into visible words.  I used to conjure up tale upon tale when I was younger; spending hours at the computer.  Then I grew up and time did not allot for such a fanciful activity.  I also used to journal my inmost secrets and desires and woes.  Adulthood has prevented that these days as well.

I discovered blogging when I was pregnant with Sierra and shortly after she was born my own blog became a reality.  Five-plus years later I'm still typing out random thoughts and ideas.  My readers are not huge in number and I rarely get comments but right now that's okay.  It has become my outlet; a place to express myself and make sense (sometimes) of what I'm feeling.  Sadly, I don't get to it nearly as often as my mind would like me to.

Where is this going?
Well, I said that I would like to get paid to write/blog.  I could see it being fun.  Before that can happen I need to get into more of a writing groove again or I'll have nothing to say.  Pay or not.  I'd like to try and post with much more frequency; make this a priority for awhile and get you something new every other day or so.  This may be a lofty goal considering my life or how I'm dealing with my life but nearly everything is at least worth a try - right?

Current:  I've made it through the weekend and suddenly I'm ready to "get out of my slump and get on with it!"  It's like I've finally made it to the top of the hill and now I can roll.

Spring graced us with it's loveliness and warmth this past week.  We're back to snow fluttering through the air today but I know it's fleeting!

We had a mostly nice visit with my in-laws.  There was lots of activity so it went quickly and the kids had a blast.  It is so nice that they have grandparents who love them so dearly!

My Oma is still recovering nicely.  The tubes all came out on Monday and she has been on "food" (jello and broth)  for two days now.  Today marks one week since the surgery and I think I am finally relaxing.  Of course there are still risks but the likelihood of those goes down with each day.

Last night Trevor and I drove to Calgary and saw Jon Bon Jovi rock out the Saddledome.  It was such a fantastic way to let and go and release and just enjoy two and a quarter hours of awesomeness.  For some unknown "personal" reason Richie Sambora did not perform with Bon Jovi but Jon managed to give us a spectacular concert anyway.  He has such a nice smile.....

I said I was ready to get at life again and I am.  I need to get back to actively seeking God which I know will impact and change every area of my life.  I'm ready to seriously work on loosing six more pounds in the next two months.  Music also has to become more a part of my every day life.  It feeds my soul and speaks to me in ways nothing else can. (well - depending on the music of course!)   And, of course, more blogging!

I'll elaborate more on what this means as I figure it out.

Here's to getting back (again!) to "living genuinely"!



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