Friday, 19 April 2013


I adore nice nails. 
(The finger and toe variety not the hammering kind.)

I've been into polished nails since I was quite young and would love for mine to look manicured and pretty 24/7.  My awesome daughter is totally taking after me!  We paint her nails once a week or so; the more rainbow and bright the better!
 Sadly, my fingernails often look like they've been through a shredder. With our long dry winters, gardening in summer, and some of the product use at my job my nails get brittle and peel and chip.  Even when they seem too short to do so another break appears. It's annoying. I got into polishing them again this past winter because of Sierra but I still only go in spurts.  The challenge of application and the fact that they don't last has discouraged me.

I've tried gel nails twice and although I love how they look the cost has deterred me from keeping them up. Artificial nails can be so hard on one's real nails and besides, they make part of my job really difficult. Since gel makes the nail extra thick picking up minuscule screws and inserting them into various glasses parts is nearly impossible.

My delight in polished nails has lead to my purchasing and trying many different brands and colours.  I would spend an hour in the evening trimming, filing, and painting and by the next morning scratches and chips and blanket imprints were already present.   I've come to recognize that my biggest downfall for helping my polish's performance is the use of a top coat.  (or lack of use). But I've always found that by the time I get to the fourth coat (base, two of colour and, the top) my nails are tacky for hours and never stay nice. So I often opt out of base and top coats.  Then the polish is toast by the end of the first day.  If I wanted to polish my nails every night than that wouldn't be such a major issue, but I don't like doing my nails that much.

The brand Essie has peaked my interest lately.  It's being posted all over Pintrist and I've quite liked all the colours being show-cased.  Not able to resist the allure I purchase some.  I bought the base coast, two colours ('hip-anema' shown in the photo, and 'in the cab-ana' a lovely tealish blue), and the top coat. I gulped and scolded myself all the way home because that was a nearly forty dollar bill.

Of course I had to try it immediately.  I diligently applied all four coats and was very skeptical at the dry time because it ended up going on rather thick.  It applied really smooth and easy and within a half hour from when I started my nails felt dry enough to touch firmly.  I wouldn't and didn't go about cleaning or anything but a slight bump didn't mar the finish one bit!  Nearly an hour later, I'm typing and going about my day comfortably and there still isn't a mark to been found.  The true test will be is how well it lasts under normal conditions.

The Day Of: Just over two hours after application I had to pick Sierra up from school and the blasted buckles on the car seat that Sawyer is required to be in managed to cause a chip on one nail.  Upon returning home, Sierra also had to paint her nails and so I repaired mine and it fixed up really nice.

Day 1 saw another chip appear.  Likely the car seat was the culprit again.  In the polish's defense both chips have occurred on my right hand; my dominant hand.  I repaired that baby up with ease and it lasted through a four hour work shift.  

Day 2 saw another chip make an appearance on the right hand.  But I did bake, as well as make homemade chicken strips and onion rings which required getting my hands quite wet and goopy with the coating processes.  

All in all I'm impressed.  By the end of tomorrow, Day 3, I'll be ready for a colour change anyway!

PS.  This 'review' was done purely on my own volition.  Essie has never even heard of me!


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