Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Sierra had her second soccer practice/game yesterday and after missing last week I had to go.  Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching her play - she is so cute!  What I do not enjoy is wearing my parka, toque, and mitts while doing so.  
It snowed again Monday night.  
It was -9 last night.

 Moving on.
Yesterday I got a great package in the mail - on such a lovely 'spring' day. (!)


Despite my rather detesting yard work I do enjoy having a vegetable garden.  I like that the produce has so much more flavour and that Sierra actually enjoys vegetable like green beans and peas.  Whereas if I buy them from the store I get the "blech!"  Also when I hear/read of all the chemicals subjected to produce these days and chose not to spend the extra on organic all the time.....growing my own has that much more appeal.

Over at Jen Wilson's blog I read that she orders her seeds from William Dam Seeds.  I've always picked mine up last minute from Canadian Tire and never having any idea regarding varieties and such, I grab vegetables I know I like to grow and away I go.  They grow, the taste good and I've never really thought much about it.  When I checked out William Dam Seeds I read that they don't chemically treat their seeds and have a lot of info on the different varieties and their growing seasons and climate tolerances and so on. I carefully read up on each vegetable I wanted to grow and selected the variety that seems to be best suited to me and our environment and placed my order.  Aside from $8 for shipping the prices were only slightly higher than Canadian Tire.  It'll be interesting to see if I notice a difference.  Will the plants be stronger? Produce more?  Will the produce taste even better?  
I guess I'll find out.  

If the ground ever gets warm enough to plant them!


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