Wednesday, 3 July 2013


As a little girl, somewhere around Sierra's age now, my dad taught me to fish. 
Among the many memories of numerous fishing trips my brain holds strong to one in particular.  I was probably around five and went along on a fishing excursion with my dad, uncle, and cousin.  My uncle had a boat and we went out on a mountain lake.  I recall having to wear one of those dorky, uncomfortable, bib life jackets and envying the vest style my dad and uncle got to wear.  Anyway, it was a relatively quiet fishing day - aside from our chatting - with minimal action on the ends of our lines.  Then I must have had the lucky rod that hit the lucky spot because two large trout found their way to my hooks.  Nearly one after the other and they were almost half my size!  Much to the disgust of my dad and uncle those were the only fish caught that day.  There is an old photo me, wearing one of those vest life jackets going past my knees, holding those two fish by a chain with a totally disgusted look on my face. 

I was 'hooked', still am, and have passed on my love of fishing to my husband and now my kids.  The first time we went with Sierra was last fall and we thought for sure she'd be bored in ten minutes.  No way!  She had more patience than the rest of us and that carried on this year too.

 As soon as her rod jiggled she was reeling that 'sucker' in.  Typically girl and typically six she got frustrated and freaked out easily so one of us adults ended up helping a lot.  Her official first fish was actually reeled in and landed by me!  That didn't matter to her though, as far as Sierra was concerned it was her first fish.

My mom also bought Sawyer his first fishing rod.  There were no hooks on the end of his line though - too dangerous!  Various hookless items were tied to the end for him to play with.  Trevor would toss the line out into the water and let Sawyer reel it in.  Sawyer loved it.

 My big fish got away (don't they always) but I did land a small one so together with Sierra's little fish we had a enough for Tuesday's supper.  It was delicious and even Sierra ate it!

My kids are getting more and more able to do stuff and it is so great!


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