Wednesday, 28 August 2013


I've had so many blog-worthy thoughts swirling in my head lately but, frustratingly, they're always at completely inopportune times.

They come amid the cursing while scrubbing an inch thick worth of burned on food off of the stove in our revenue house.  Or while scraping up the congealed, sticky mystery substance in the fridge of said house.  Or scouring dirt out of carpet that likely hasn't seen a vacuum in at least a year.  Same house.  Needless to say, the previous tenants did not leave the place in liveable condition.  Unless you're a dog.  Even then.....
The work the place has needed has effectively ruined any feeling of rest we stored up from vacation.  I was so mad at the state of the stove and how much elbow grease was required to see that it is white that I polished off 2/3 of a bottle of wine when I came home that evening. 

Moving on.

I got the joy of purchasing school supplies for the first time.  It is a ludicrous list I tell ya!    
How much gluing will these kids do?  They are for personal use and that means more than one gluestick per month!  Good grief.  Not to mentions the 24 pencils per kid for classroom use - what, are they eating them????  Anyway,  I filled the list and choked at the bill and than tried to be thankful for mostly free good education for my child.

Speaking baby is entering grade one in seven short days.  My sweet girl who can't go 0.003 seconds without wondering where I am or what I'm doing or at my side will be away from me for four and a half days a week. (two of which I work...)  Part of me is looking forward to the peacefulness but another part of me is twinging because Sierra is so growing up already!  Ah the pangs of motherhood and loving a child so very much.  Being a mom is all about letting go and allowing natural growth and maturity right from the day they are born.  Rightt?
We are fortunate to have a fantastic elementary school in our fantastic town.  I never once hesitated over sending Sierra to preschool, Kindergarten, and won't for grade one.  (By the way, my American readers, have you ever noticed that Canadians all say grade one, two, three etc. as opposed to first grade, second grade, third grade...,  I have no idea why.  We're just weird that way, eh?)  Sierra was getting bored at home by the time I sent her to pre-school two afternoons a week and absolutely loved going.  The same held true for Kindergarten - she loved it.  That being said we had to deal with a few minor issues but it was good to have had to do so.  We all learned and grew from them.  Now she is excited about grade one and I'm sure we'll be sorting through issues there too.  Our school, while public, models good morals and does not discourage religion.  In fact, the Christmas program last year contained both secular and religious components.  It's a large enough school to be able  to offer many fun things but small enough to foster a fantastic sense of community.

So next Tuesday I will walk my baby up to the school for grade one.   I will confidently place her into the capable hands of the teachers, aides and parent helpers.  I will trust that I've equipped her to deal with what may come and and be able to help her work through the many new experiences this next year will bring.  Above all, I trust that God will watch over her and guide her in ways that no one on Earth can!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


The magic of vacation - and not just being away from life but the fact that it was good; everything went well.

Our kids did fabulously on the fourteen-hour-drive-all-in-one-day to the coast.  They are fairly seasoned to long road trips by now and each year the trip is less painful.  
Ironically we left cooler, rainy weather and arrived hot, dry (as dry as the West coast can get!) weather that remained all week. 

We watched Uncle Brian (Trevor's brother) race motorbikes on day one.  The kids loved it!  We thought it was pretty neat too.

We relaxed.  We SLEPT!!!!!  Trevor's dad is always up early and was more than happy to entertain our kids each and every morning while we SLEPT!  It was glorious.  We had more sleep that week than we've had in six years. We golfed one day (me and Trevor's dad and brother) and hung out with family.

Trevor and I went down to Seattle mid-week for an afternoon baseball game with one of my closest friends and her hubby.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I've only been to one live baseball game and it was fourteen years ago and I knew absolutely nothing about baseball.  Being married to Trevor that long has changed that.


We reconnected with some other friends, more family and before we knew it it was time to make the long trek home.

With one day in between to unpack and repack we then spent a week camping with my parents.  My phone remained mostly off because, you know, we were camping, so I have zero pictures.  We used our big camera a bit but we were so relaxed and enjoying being able have fun that it just wasn't much of a priority. (not that good, I know)   We went to the beach every day.   One day we visited Fort Steele, and Saturday morning checked out the local farmers market.  It was so fun to just play and be outside.  Most evenings we were still comfortably in our shorts and T-shirts after 10 o'clock.

We've been home now for nearly a week real life has made vacation almost seem like a distant memory. Except for feeling relaxed and that the little things are not such as big a deal as before. 

Ah. Vacation. 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer So Far the Not-Stormy Parts

My bags are packed and my lists all checked off and we are ready to go on holidays! 
I find myself with a few extra minutes, even, to touch base.

Despite all my worrying it has been a pretty good summer so far.  Most of my good pictures are on my big camera and I struggle every time I try and figure out how to upload them.  So you get iPhone:

Sawyer recently decided that using this large dog as his pillow was better than the real thing.
This only lasted a few days.

Buds at a park.

Fishing at a local mudhole lake.

Ice-cream during a day-trip to a local national park.  We never leave without getting ice-cream! It simply can't be done.