Wednesday, 21 August 2013


The magic of vacation - and not just being away from life but the fact that it was good; everything went well.

Our kids did fabulously on the fourteen-hour-drive-all-in-one-day to the coast.  They are fairly seasoned to long road trips by now and each year the trip is less painful.  
Ironically we left cooler, rainy weather and arrived hot, dry (as dry as the West coast can get!) weather that remained all week. 

We watched Uncle Brian (Trevor's brother) race motorbikes on day one.  The kids loved it!  We thought it was pretty neat too.

We relaxed.  We SLEPT!!!!!  Trevor's dad is always up early and was more than happy to entertain our kids each and every morning while we SLEPT!  It was glorious.  We had more sleep that week than we've had in six years. We golfed one day (me and Trevor's dad and brother) and hung out with family.

Trevor and I went down to Seattle mid-week for an afternoon baseball game with one of my closest friends and her hubby.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I've only been to one live baseball game and it was fourteen years ago and I knew absolutely nothing about baseball.  Being married to Trevor that long has changed that.


We reconnected with some other friends, more family and before we knew it it was time to make the long trek home.

With one day in between to unpack and repack we then spent a week camping with my parents.  My phone remained mostly off because, you know, we were camping, so I have zero pictures.  We used our big camera a bit but we were so relaxed and enjoying being able have fun that it just wasn't much of a priority. (not that good, I know)   We went to the beach every day.   One day we visited Fort Steele, and Saturday morning checked out the local farmers market.  It was so fun to just play and be outside.  Most evenings we were still comfortably in our shorts and T-shirts after 10 o'clock.

We've been home now for nearly a week real life has made vacation almost seem like a distant memory. Except for feeling relaxed and that the little things are not such as big a deal as before. 

Ah. Vacation. 


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