Friday, 27 September 2013

36 going on 26

As September does, it effectively propelled us - no catapulted us - into schedules and busy.  The end of the month is nearly here and it feels like we were frolicking on the beach only yesterday, rather than sorting through the mountain of papers Sierra comes home with every day.

I turned 36 on Wednesday and for the first time in a very, very long time the weather was crappy on my birthday!  Seriously, that does not happen.   Weather did not determine the outcome of the day, however, I still had a nice day that ended with a family dinner and cake!  Sierra bought me a huge, pack of K-cups to take to work .  We have a Keureg machine but have to bring our own coffee.  There are many work days that I yearn for another cup of coffee and I either suffer or make the trek across the street and spend way to much on a cup of joSawyer gifted me with a pack of coloured pens.  I love coloured pens, I grew up on pens, computers are taking away the need for such fun.   I'm old enough to cling to and appreciate coloured pens.   My mom and dad gave me a denim jacket.   I see them paired with many items to make cute outfits and have wanted one for awhile but couldn't justify buying one myself.  
 Trevor..... he bought me a diamond!!!!!!!
Yes, a real diamond.  An honest to goodness sparkly diamond.  
You see, we got engaged when I was only 19 and Trevor was 22.  Trevor had been saving for my ring but all in all did not have a huge budget.  I love my engagement ring, always have and I'm pretty sure I always will.  The diamond is 0.25 carats and fairly high quality.  Back then that was a common size.  In the last few years Trevor has expressed some desire to buy me a larger one.  I always was fine with what I had, sure bigger would be nice but by no means necessary.  There are many other ways to spend the money.  He threw caution to the wind and bought one for me this year.  Off Ebay of all places!  0.6 carats and the same quality as what I have.  I'm still surprised.  He was so excited to tell me-it was cute. 
  I don't considering him much of a romantic but he definitely has romance in him.

I'm in a really good place now.  We had an awesome summer and autumn is also off to a good start.  I feel at least ten years younger than my number says!  My mind is....feeling alert most days.  I don't know how else to explain it.  I know that challenges will come but for now I'm going to rest in the good.

Friday, 13 September 2013


I am getting rather irritated by all the electronic distractions that have seemed to have taken over life.

In my life, namely the iPhone and TV.  One two devices but oh such giant time eater/wasters.  It is oh so easy to tap on Facebook, read blogs, scroll through Pintrist, window shop on line and the list goes on and the time goes by. I find that we constantly have our noses to our iPhone screens.  
In the evening the kids go to bed and what do we do?  Plop down in front of the TV.
 I think what has me at my peak was when I suggested to Trevor we get a babysitter and go out on a date all he came up with to do was go to a movie.  We have been super busy since coming backing form our vacation and I feel like Trevor and I haven't had any 'us' time.  Granted, a woman's ideas of a date are different than a man's, and Trevor can't read my mind but really, when we haven't spent much quality time together lately he comes up with a movie?   Then, when no decent movie appears to be playing the date idea was no longer talked about.

 I could go on with example, after example and I know I'm as guilty as Trevor with not knowing what to do with myself without those electronic 'things'.  

Something has to change and I'm not sure what or how.

I'm contemplating taking a complete break from the internet and limiting TV to one show an evening.  My phone will be used for texting/phoning only (neither of which I do a lot of) and the occasional scroll through emails.

What am I hoping to accomplish?  More connecting with my kids and husband; less zoning out.  Perhaps get to bed a little earlier.  I suspect more tasks will get done.  Hey, I might begin reading my Bible again, imagine that!  I'm sure if and when I actually do this I'll be amazed at the differences.  

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

School Girl

Well, we've inhaled a deep breath and taken the plunge into life with a child in school full time. Sierra was excited and enthusiastic and after only two days is exhausted but loving it!  

It's a different world than Kindergarten. This is the real deal. Desks. Less play. More learning and work. Increased responsibility on the students. (ie no more escort to and from the bus) 

As much of an adjustment it will be for Sierra it will also be for Sawyer. His best playmate/bud/foe is no longer here all day.  He was a bit clingy and needy but I'm sure we'll develop a groove of our own. 

I can't believe how big she's getting!


Monday, 2 September 2013


September is here.

I don't like it.

In fact I'm trying my best to deny it.

I love the sun, the heat, the relaxing, the playing, and did I mention the heat? We had such a fabulous day today going to Writing On Stone Provincial Park and soaking up as much of what's left of summer as we could.  It was 36 degrees Celsius according to the car thermometer when we left.

September means fall is near and summer is almost over; I see the long range forecast showing lower temperatures.   The days are getting shorter.  

September means that Sierra starts grade one and will no longer be with me every day that I'm home.   

September brings the beginning of activities and programs; routine will be a part of nearly everyday life.  I guess that's not so bad....

September marks the end of ladies league golf as we finished last week.

September will end me being 35.  

September  always causes me to sigh and then, grumbling, make a long list of 'to-dos' and slowly work through them.

September resumes the possibility of work on Saturdays again, of which I'm required to do once a month.


You came way too fast this year.