Saturday, 11 January 2014


Thursday was trainer day. He totally kicked my butt and it felt great!
I finally got on the scale that day too and I'm at the lower end of my average, just under 132 lbs.  But, as I said, I'm choosing to not get hung up on scale weight too much.  It's still an indicator though. 

I've managed to get sick yet again, with a cold this time.  So by yesterday afternoon my energy and resolve and self- control went out the window. I snuck in a bite or handful of this and that and then when Trevor mentioned two-for-one DQ blizzards for after the kids were in bed that did it.  I enjoyed some chips without guilt and my blizzard and declared that my weekend cheat. Today, despite a crappy sleep I'm ready to get back at it!
  (Not sure about working out though thanks to this dang cold.)


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