Tuesday, 7 January 2014

55 Days

Day three of watching what and how much I eat is coming to a close in a couple of hours. I'm focused and determined and in control. Remarkably, I'm not ravenous or feeling deprived. Yet. The upcoming cheat day is helping the deprivation issue. Then again, I still have four days to go! Weekends are always the hardest too. 

Along with eating well, I've exercised diligently and overall feel really good.  
Imagining myself in a bikini is huge motivation and hopefully will keep me going
For a few times before Christmas I met with a nurse who helps people with weight loss.  I was referred to her by my doctor.  Disappointingly, other than someone to be accountable to she had little advice to offer besides what I already know and the obvious.  I'm pretty sure she thought I was crazy for even coming to her because really, at most, I "need' to loose 13 pounds.   The 'need' part is based entirely on a number: my weight versus my height compared to a chart.  This chart is the same for men or women and is the BMI chart.  
It's a load of hogwash.  According to my trainer, I am in the top ten percent in terms of physical fitness. So if you compare me to someone my exact height and weight who has zero muscle tone and eats crappy they could potentially look fat while I believe I look anything but.  It's just a stupid number and I refuse to consider it.
Both the nurse and my trainer said consider measurements first (how my clothes fit), body-fat percentage second, and scale weight last.


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