Thursday, 23 January 2014

Attempting to Rebound....

.....and meeting resistance. 
  My cough is almost better but now I suffer a sore throat that I fear - dare I even say it - is strep for the third time. Without the numbing effects of Tylenol I dread each swallow but I couldn't get into my doctor until Monday and after the last two bouts I refuse to see just anyone.

I got back on the treadmill Saturday, rested Sunday, did a resistance workout Monday, rested Tuesday, ran Wednesday and just finished a harder resistance/cardio workout. Today I was fueled by Tylenol and caffeine and anger at still being sick.  I am determined but am I doing my body more of a disservice than anything?  Despite the lull in my exercise I've been a very good girl with my eating.  Often when I get ill or in an emotional funk I throw control to the wind and eat what I want and as much as I want. Not this time. 
 I got on the scale again this morning and there is no change from last week. I'm not in the least bit surprised the number isn't lower since my activity level has been decreased and I'm at the break point of where my body is comfortable.   

In other news of my stressful, woe-is-me life:
My dear daughter stresses me out every time she needs to go some where that involves leaving me; usually weekday mornings.  Sierra whines and complains and works herself up to a queasy tummy and I spend the time trying to appear calm and upbeat and reassuring. Inwardly it's twisting me up!  The tears have mostly ceased, except for Tuesday because she had to take the us home after school and was uptight about it in the morning already. 

Then there's our weather: one day cold the next balmy with regular twenty to thirty degree temperature fluctuations from one day to the next.  One's body can't adapt in the least bit so it's no wonder I can't seem to fight off these damn germs. 

Then there's doing my best to keep on with regular life like, you know, friends and church and laundry and cleaning. 

My in-laws have booked a trip here in less than a month. More stress. I won't even bother to start 

I'm exhausted and can't catch up. If it's not one thing it's another.   My parents are taking the kids for night this Friday so there will be a little reprieve.   

Thank goodness Mexico is in 39 days!  


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