Sunday, 30 March 2014

Six Months of Sweat

On Thursday last week as my trainer was doing his darnedest at making sure that walking would be difficult the next day I realized how far I've come.  
During the previous three weeks my workouts included running on the treadmill at 6.0 mph at 4.5% incline for 3 minutes stretches.  This week I ran for thirty minutes straight at 6.0mph and every fifth minute sprinted at 6.6mph.  Six months ago 6.0mph was my top out!  I know my trainer has increased the difficultly of my program gradually from session to session but I'm still impressed and what my body can now do.  Despite the added challenge, the sessions are almost easier, in a weird way.   
(don't let him know I used the word easy in conjunction with his workouts!)

I say easier because, to me, my body is stronger and noticeably more fit so it can actually do what it couldn't before. Lost weight and toned physique aside, I totally love how I feel. Exercise is addicting.  Physically and mentally. Back in January when I was convinced that my body could not break 130 unless I dieted hard core, I was okay with that.
. I'm totally psyched with my new scale weight - who wouldn't be? - but because I love how I feel I would - and do -exercise anyway. 

Also, as I keep at it, I realize how much freaking work this is!  Work seems like such a simple word for something so complex.
 I feel like I get why most people don't/can't exercise like I do.
 Time, motivation, self-control, and energy...the list goes on and all are legitimate.

Fortunately everything has aligned in my life to allow me to do this:
 -  My personality is such that I am very self motivated. I think this is the key factor for me. I've always been able to exercise at home.  After having babies I worked out during naps or (especially now) force(d) my kids to bear with me.   I try to save their TV time for my exercise time. Their personalities have been such that I could/can do that.  
- As for time in general - Trevor and I slowed down our schedules this past. fall which helps, but some nights I don't work out until 8:30PM.  I detest exercising that late but that motivation thing pushes me so that I do. Grumbling and swearing some nights mind you!  
- Motivation and a good dose of stubbornness enable me to get through low energy times, these often are the 8:30 workouts after a full day of work.
- I am lucky, too, that my body can be put through the paces.  I don't have a bad back or knees or anything physically preventing me from being active. 
  - Self control with food is the hardest for me. I love food and hate being hungry.  I have discovered some foods that are filling and not calorie laden.  Most mornings, I plan my whole day of eating at breakfast.  I allow for wine, birthday cake, and evenings of chips or appies with friends.  I also allow myself a full on, guilt-free cheat day/evening once a week if the occasion is there, which it usually is.

Our Mexico vacation was really good to let my mind and body relax.  I ate and drank what I wanted for the most part.  I managed two runs at the gym, not out of guilt but because I wanted to.
Unfortunately, it only took that measly week two gain back two pounds.  Crazy.  So quick and easy to partly undo what was long and difficult to achieve!  But it was good, in a way, to experience how quickly it can all go to heck.  Now my being lax was lax to the extreme and the circumstance 'fed' it but I will now be more mindful with future holidays.  

I'm happy to say I am pretty much back at my pre-Mexico condition.  I've signed on for another five sessions with my trainer and we'll see how things "go"!


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