Friday, 2 May 2014

March to May?

Gosh! Where has the last month gone?  I blinked and April disappeared and here we are into May.  Wasn't it just March?  
The funny thing is, I don't know what we've been doing!  Nothing exceptional is happening in our lives that's for sure.  Just. Life.
Let's see.....

We almost bought a new vehicle and then decided not too because, you know, not quite enough money was in the ole bank account.  Yet.  We will revisit the purchase idea in fall.
Spring/summer has teased us for about four days this year so far.  Snow is expected on Saturday.  Yesterday was 23 and I got a tan.  Seriously!  This morning 8 degrees and raining. Enough of the single digit weather already!

As for my job, I was struggling with the return of two people after maternity leave.   We made through a year without them and had our groove going; they messed with it!  It just hit me that in the last couple of weeks I think if all feels normal and okay again.  The two returnees being there feel like they never left.  And I like them and they are good to work with again. My job is not threatened nor is the role I play within it.  It's good.  
Sierra is frustrating me to my max these days with two major things: the clothes she wears and when to take the bus to school.  I have always let her wear basically what she wants and often the ''matching'' component was/is lacking.  Finally, as it happens with kids, she wore holes in the knees of her two favourite pants.  I drew the line at shabbiness.  Well, you'd think I'd stolen her comes-everywhere bunny stuffy sidekick!  There has been no end to the battle of what she wears since then.  The dumb part is that she has three - THREE!!!- brand new pairs of perfectly good jeans in her drawer that she refuses to wear because they are "not comfy".  Umm, she had to put them on for more than a millisecond first. So I ordered some capri-length leggings from Old Navy and they came yesterday.  Sierra tried them on for me this morning and declared them all right and promptly cut all the tags off.  Then she put one pair back on and all of a sudden they were too loose when she bent over.  I nearly lost it!  I finally told her she had to wear them and after bantering back and forth I won.  She wore them to school this morning.  After many attempts to negotiate and make deals and come to an agreement regarding her clothes I may end up just putting my foot down and playing 'Mom'.   The same goes for her taking the the bus.  She simply doesn't like it and that will no longer be acceptable.
Parenting is hard.
And she's only six.  I can't wait for the teenage years.

As for me?  I continue to work out diligently and can tell that my body has changed.  The scale is stuck but I also know that muscle weighs more than fat and I like that my clothes fit better.  My belly is noticeably less flabby and my hips narrower.   My trainer, although admittedly not a dietitian, calculated a high protein diet of sorts for me a couple of weeks ago to try.  It contains 35% protein and I can't find the email or remember the split for carbs and fat.  But 35% protein!  For the first week and a half after I saw that in his email I tried a little and then thought, "impossible"No, it's actually not.  I'm through four days of succeeding in that.  I researched sources of high protein and managed to insert that into my diet.  It means minimal carbs, especially in bread or noodle or potato form, mostly in vegetables and fruit.  It's interesting.  It's difficult.  Yet after the first three days I feel pretty good.  I think I have more energy and while I don't know that I feel full I'm not hungry.  I'm pretty sure this will not be a long term diet, I want to aim for doing for four weeks and at that only five of the seven days in a week.   We'll see.  I'm not really pro-dieting or limiting myself too much, I've always said.  I still had my Thursday night pizza with wine last night and worked it into the 35% protein allotment for the day (I was a bit low by the end of the day, 33%.  Tonight Trevor and I are going on a date and I'll keep my protein as high as a can throughout the day and then enjoy the evening and not fret if I'm under 35. 

I feel like my brain has lots of words but I won't exhaust you all in one post. I hope May doesn't fly by like April did. 


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