Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Jamaican Me Crazy!

Just over a year ago I discovered Essie brand nail polish and instantly fell in love.  What began with two colours has grown into a substantial collection.  My nails are rarely bare these days.
Why Essie?  It was all over Pintrist and so I just decided to try it one day.  The colour went on nice and their Go To Go top coat is the best ever.   Unless I do dishes or wash floors or do harsher-on-hands work it can last up to four days quite nicely.   However I often get bored after two or three days and change it up whether my nails need it or not.  To keep it simple I decided to stick with Essie, otherwise I'd just confuse myself with too many choices.

There are many nail polish obsessed based blogs ( is one) out there and I actually read them (nerdy, I know) before I consider buying a new colour.  At $8 a bottle Essie ain't cheap.  I'm not into analyzing the formula and comparing colours and all that, I'll leave that for the other blogs.  I'll likely just post a picture with a brief opinion and be done.

This colour here is called 'Jamaican Me Crazy'.  You can see a bright orange sale tag peaking out and that means I got this one for $5.  It's a great, rich, deep, pink that went on nice and easy.  It's a little too purple toned to match all my pink clothes which just means that I need to add to my collection!


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