Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Matchy Matchy

Two weeks ago I finally took some time for myself and went shopping with my mom.  With my recent weight loss and body changes many of my summer clothes no longer fit properly.  Not to mention the fact that most of my capri's and shorts were four to six years old.  I didn't go too crazy but managed to spruce up my summer attire.  I focused on pink and navy.  I even bought two pairs of new shoes and one of them is pink!

Naturalizer Bromstad Ursela Shoe
Yup.  These ones right here (by Naturalizer).   I love them.  But I love cute shoes.  I just can't afford too many because I also love good quality shoes.

Of course, as only I would, looking at my pink shoes, and new pink clothes, I say to my mom, "Now I have to get some pink glasses to match!"

I did just that!

(Glacee brand, by Alternative Eyewear, yes I got a deal, as always!)

I am also on the hunt for some really nice pink, Essie brand, nail polish. 

  I love to having matching outfits from my shoes, to my jewellery, to my glasses, to my nails. (more posts on my nail and glasses obsessions hopefully to follow)
It's fun and I feel good.


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