Sunday, 15 June 2014

Being "Naughty" and Other Things!

All my good blogging intentions failed me again.  Why oh why does time have to go so dang fast?

Sierra turned seven - SEVEN! - on the 9th.  Talking about time racing by....
Every year and every stage just gets more fun with her.  She is such an all or nothing kinda gal and man does she love to party!  Just like her Mom.  And her Opa (who she never got to meet!)  

Between Sierra's birthday parties,(Yes, parties) working two Saturdays in a row, helping plan my work's grand opening event, the yearly battle of the weeds commencing along with the all the other yard work that's included in an enormous yard and Sierra's soccer and my childcare for Sawyer going away for three weeks (the nerve, I know!) and life I feel like I'm barely getting enough air.  I can't remember the last time I cooked a really nice meal that required more than four ingredients and twenty minutes.  Not that there's anything wrong with that but it never lends well for leftovers for lunches and the past two days I ate cottage cheese and watermelon for lunch.  

Speaking of cottage cheese, awhile back I went on a high protein 'diet' of sorts.  Yeah, that didn't last.  Not realistic or feasible for me to keep up.  I have increased my overall protein intake but 35%?  Nope.  
I've actually been feeling like my enthusiasm and motivation for being healthy and exercise is waning.   The scale hasn't moved in months and I'm not as excited anymore.  I dutifully continue to work out and mostly eat well but the zip is gone.  I certainly haven't gained weight which is good but things feel....stale and stuck.
This week I've been getting up at six and doing my workouts first thing which I actually love.  Aside from the droopy eye feeling the rest of the day it's great knowing that it's over with.   Sawyer had me watch Toy Story 2 for the billionth time with him this afternoon and I actually dozed off a bit.  I'll get used it, I know.  It would probably help if I went to bed earlier but that would take away from my Trevor time.

" Naughty Nautical" by Essie.  What a great, fun colour.  It is a shimmery (yes the glitter shows up!!)  greenish-teal of sorts that goes on nice and stays nice.    I love it and highly recommend it.  I paired it with Turks and Caicos (Essie) and a pale lemon polish from Mary Kay.

 (All the colours are more vibrant and a bit lighter in real life but I'm a crappy photographer.)
A friend recently asked if Essie is worth the cost.  I'm not 100% sure to be honest.  I'd like to say yes but I actually have no comparisons.  I picked it, liked and stuck with it.  The key to my loyalty could be the base coast and top coat.  Their Good-to-go top coat is awesome!  It dries in five minutes and within a half hour I'm okay to continue life without having to worry about smearing nail polish on everything I touch.  Yes, I'm still careful but not extremely so.  I recently painted my nails Essie Mademoiselle, a sheer pink, without base coat but with top coat.  It peeled in two days a way I've not had in a long time.  I used that colour when we went to Mexico (with multiple top coats) and it nearly lasted the week so it's not the colour.  I deducted that the base coast is key along with the top coat .  I plan on trying Essie base and top coat with a different brand polish (gasp, I know) just to try my theory.  
I'll keep you posted. 


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