Friday, 20 June 2014



When we built our house over five years ago, what was supposed to be the most fun ended up being the biggest chore: paint colours and decorating.  We ended up in a mad rush to get into the house which took away the time and deliberation needed for decor.  I was never unhappy with our colour choices but some of the finishing touches either never happened or weren't too my ultimate liking.

Our master bedroom was one room that was never quite finished.  I'd get started on it and...a year would pass.  I'd change things, or try to, and another year would pass.  Finally this winter I started and finished!  It began with the headboard, then the barn-board picture holders and then kept going.  I love it!  The pictures begin to the left of coming in the door and go clockwise. 

My Pintrist inspired picture display frames of sorts.
I resurrected an old print of the mouttains of  Canmore that we'd had framed, years ago, in barn board.  It fits in perfectly!


This quilted beadspread was my Oma's. It was handmade by a friend of hers and adorned her bed for years. The stitching is a soft orange which helps tie in the oak furniture and my reason for orange accents. 


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